Hei hian i complaint hi a thlenna tur Division Office a thlen theihna'n a ti awlsam a ni.
This helps us to assign your complaint to the appropriate Division office for redressal.

Hei hian i complaint hi a tak ngei a ni tih a entir bakah nangmah contact a ngaih chuan hman a ni ang.

I submit veleh complaint number screen-ah a lo lang ang, chu chu i chhinchhiah ang a, chumi hmang chuan kan website aṭang hian emaw, kan toll-free number (0389-2300299) biain emaw, i complaint chanchin i chhui thei ang.
Once you submit the complaint, you will be given your complaint number on the screen. You can use this compaint number to track the status of the complaint on this website or by calling our toll free number (0389-2300299).