Frequently Asked Questions Mizo ṭawngin

  • How do i report emergencies such as pipe explosion, water leaking, etc?

    If you find issues that need urgent attention such as pipe line bursts, water leaking from a suspicious source at a public/open location, you should call the nearest Emergency/Control Room number. This is available at the footer section of this page.

  • My water bill is too high

    Your water bill could be high for several reasons including:

    • Broken or faulty water meter.
    • Meter reader took wrong reading from the meter.
    • Your previous bill was not paid.
    • Your previous bill was not paid, but not reflected.
    • Other reasons.
    How to make complaint? Please ensure the following while making a complaint.
    • Ensure that you have the correct consumer number and bill copy at hand.
    • Ensure that your water meter reading matches with the last reading as shown in the bill.
    • Have a photo of your water meter clearly showing the reading.
    • Have a receipt of you last bill payment.
    The complaint may be registered at the Section Office for quickest resolution.
    You may call the phone numbers listed in the footer section of this page.
    You may also register your complaints regarding the JJM implementation in your village online in the link here.